Sunday, July 9, 2017

Where to buy discounted Hongkong Disneyland Tickets? No, it's not just at Klook.

It's almost a month since we went to Hongkong Disneyland and despite our research before the trip, there are still a lot of things that we discovered once we got there thus, making us excited to go back soon. 

This includes the best place where we can get discounted Hongkong Disneyland tickets. If you remember, we got our 2-Day Hongkong Disneyland Tickets from Klook which I mentioned from my previous post

Klook's offer for the 2-Day Hongkong Disneyland is still one of the best deals you can ever find. You can purchase the 2-day pass for only HKD 633 at Klook. Then, you can purchase using this link or use the code: B6K8X to instantly get HKD 25 off. Bringing the ticket rate down to HKD 608.

However, we discovered that it is not always the cheapest at Klook. Let me share this to give you a better picture of the price comparison.


Park Regular Rate -  HKD 729
Park Promotional Rate -  HKD 629 (This offer is valid until July 14, 2017)
Airport Ticket Rate - HKD 720
Klook Ticket Rate - HKD 633
Klook with Coupon Code - HKD 608

Now, if you just plan to spend only 1 day in Disneyland then it is definitely another story when it comes to ticket prices. 


Park Regular Rate - HKD 589
Park Play and Dine Offer - HKD 589 (This offer includes one-day ticket and free combo meal worth $99- $139 valid until July 14, 2017)
Airport Ticket Rate - HKD 540
Klook Ticket Rate - HKD 540
Klook with Coupon Code - HKD 515

As you can see you have different options on where to get discounted tickets to Hongkong Disneyland. If you're planning a one-day visit before July 14 then it would be best to grab your tickets directly from their website and get the Play and Dine Offer since food inside the park is quite pricey. 

However, if you plan to visit for 2-days then it would be cheapest through Klook. Just make sure to make use of the available promotional codes. If you need more Klook coupon codes, feel free to email me at 


  1. This will come in handy as it's my goal to bring my kids to Hong Kong. Most especially Disneyland. My eldest and I are excited to go to Harry Potter! Any kind of savings would be great!

  2. Klook ang cheapest? Murag naa man sa website nila?

  3. Wow! Thank you for this post. I'm planning a trip to Hongkong before the end of the year and Disneyland is definitely part of my itinerary. I'll email you for coupon codes :)

  4. This is really helpful. Thank you. :)

  5. This is very helpful. Thank you. :)

  6. Hi. Applicable padin ba ang promo til october? thanks..

  7. Nice deal right there. Thanks for sharing. This mught come in handy as we are considering to go back to HK soon. Might also message you for Klook codes in the future haha.

  8. Hi still available the promo August 10

  9. I'm always on the lookout for deals. It's my dream to bring my kids to Hong Kong and have them ride an airplane. Need to keep this in mind!


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