Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Receive Goodies for your Furbabies from Pedigree

Crumpy is a picky eater. Whether it's dog or table food, he certainly has his own preference. Even though he is already 11 years old, he still prefers the puppy variant. (I know that it is not recommended but don't worry, we make sure that we do supplemental feeding) plus only from one brand - Pedigree. 

Thus, we are long term consumers of Pedigree products from Denta Stix to Wet and Dry Dog Food. Cheesecake, Cinderelly and Crumpy simply loves them. By the way, this is not a sponsored post.  We just want to share that Pedigree is giving out goodie bags to all furbabies. 

Source: ph.trypedigree.com

Get a box of samples which includes a pack of Pedigree dry food, a pouch of Pedigree wet food guidebook by simply registering online via this link. This promotion is available for Metro Manila residents and shipping is free. 

So, hurry and sign-up now. Don't forget to comment below the names of your furbabies. 


  1. Hi. Thanks for this link. My dog's name is facey, tersly, noychi and gaers!

  2. Peachy is the name of my dog. Thank you so much.

  3. Hi. My dog's name is bailey and tagpe and chabilita and simba

  4. Hi my dog's name are bailey tagpe chabilita simba and jaja


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