Thursday, November 10, 2016

Eat at Jollibee for Free

Jollibee is love for both young and adults. It has been my personal favorite for as long as I can remember. Nothing beats Chicken Joy and Gravy as well as Jollibee's Champ. The only thing that I don't like in Jollibee is the cost of extra rice. I believe that Php 25 for a cup of rice is too much. 

Enough said, you now get free food at Jollibee through their latest promotion with happypluscard.

This is open to both existing and non-holders of happypluscard. The mechanics are pretty simple. 

1. Register here with your name and email address. 
2. Do Actions, Refer your friends and get equivalent happypoints! Share your unique link to your friends and do all the actions to get more happypoints!
3. Collect and save happypoints for claiming! After the promotion, buy your own Happyplus Card (if you still do not have one) to claim your Happypoints and get Free Food!

If you are not familiar with happypoints, these are points equivalent to 1.00 peso which you can use to buy free food at Jollibee or even in Red Ribbon, Greenwich and Chowking. 

So, what are we waiting for? Register now, complete simple tasks and start collecting happypoints. 

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